Alameda Birthday Party

I have greatly enjoyed capturing different milestones for this little one and now she is one! It has been wonderful learning about Korean customs with her family. She was beautiful in her hanbok, the traditional Korean dress. The doljabi is a first birthday Korean tradition where the little one is presented with several items and whichever they pick up first will reflect their life as an adult. Lilly was put in front of a bow and arrow (brave), a mallet (just and fair), a ball (athletic), a ball of string (enduring), a paintbrush (artistic), a purse (lucky) and coins (wealthy). At Korean first birthdays, there is a dol table that is piled high with fresh fruit. Stacking the food symbolizes prosperity and the fresh fruit symbolizes future children and a happy life for all of the family. It was a beautiful gathering and I am so glad that her mom and dad asked me to capture it so they can look back on it for years to come.