Meet Jackie

I’m Jackie! I offer wedding and portrait photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in Oakland with my husband and two sons. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video from the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio in 2007, I adventured to Los Angeles and worked in the television and movie industry for five years. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I started Jackie Rutan Photography in 2013.

My favorite photos capture a sincere moment or seem timeless and look like they could have been taken in any year. I want to document details – the engagement ring, the reception seating cards, baby fingers and toes… My goal is to give clients a variety of photos and capture something that they didn’t even know they wanted. 

My engagement photos with my then husband-to-be are moments frozen in time when we were giggly with excitement about what lay ahead. We planned our wedding in 4 months from across the country. It was a spectacular whirlwind that thankfully today we can look back on and remember fondly through our photo album. We now have two sons. I knew that they would grow a little each day and captured those first days on camera to treasure for years. Photos of our little family together bring an inescapable smile to my face so I put them everywhere. That is what I want to do for you.